The Teenager’s Guide to the Real World - How to Become a Successful Adult

2007 … It is a new year filled with possibilities and resolutions. School just started last week for all of the students in San Antonio. It’s especially going to be an exciting year for high school seniors. There’s one girl at my church who continues to say, “It’s my last semester! Yay!” This is the time of the year when senioritis reaches epidemic proportions. This is high school seniors’ last spring semester before making it to “the end,” before becoming an adult … before arriving to THE REAL WORLD!
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Comprehensive Digital Camera Reviews

With Christmas approaching, people are franticly searching for gifts to give to their loved ones. A quick look at eBay and Amazon reveals what’s hot for the holidays. There’s no doubt that electronics are at the top of many people’s wish list. Personally, the electronic that I would like to recieve is a laptop. But…I’m sure nobody is planning to get me that. I can settle for something cheaper like a digital camera. I could really use one in my eBay business. Reguardless, it’s a pain to borrow a someone’s digital camera, use my webcam, or use my scanner to display my auction items.
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