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After much time spent designing and programming, I am releasing another blog that is going to be written by myself. It is called “hacker not cracker – computer enthusiasts and wannabes welcomed.” Basically, it is an advanced computing blog. The reason why it is called “hacker not cracker” is because I am a hacker (a computer enthusiaist), not a cracker (a “black-hat” hacker). Read more about this new blog and my explanation in the first introductory post. Like the other blogs that I started in the past, I will be moving some articles on this blog to the new hacker blog for relevance.

I hope you become a regular reader of this new blog!

March 17th, 2006 | No Comments | Rants and Raves

Common eBay Mistake

Looking at my eBay completed auctions, an eBay pro would notice a mistake. I could shoot myself for what I just did. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

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March 5th, 2006 | No Comments | Buying and Selling, eBay, Rants and Raves

I’m Now an eBay Power Seller!

I just want to share the good news (even though you may not have an ounce of care)! Yesterday, I just got invited to become an eBay powerseller. Now you have to understand what that means. I had to work hard for this privilage. Eligibility requires a minimum of $1000 per month in sales, Feedback of 100 with 98% positive, Good financial standing, good eBay “citizenship,” etc. Some benefits include: exclusive access to powerseller forums, welcome kit, special offers from wholesalers, exclusive access to the bulk reseller marketplace, exclusive invitations to eBay events, eBay advertising discounts, and more. They even help me with Health Insurance solutions if I am self-employed or hire a bunch of employees. The benefit I like the most is the Powerseller icon. I get to park it next to my username. To me, that is like a badge of honor. It shows and experienced and honest seller. It makes me think of having an M.D., Ph.D, Pharm. D., or some other D right next to my name. Read the eBay Powerseller information page for more details.

October 19th, 2005 | 4 Comments | Rants and Raves

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