“Take Me (Baby) or Leave Me” Jonathan Larson’s Rent Piano and Guitar Chords

takeme_rent.jpgI just lost my virginity … that is, my Broadway musical virginity. Until recently, I’ve never seen a musical in my life. In line with my things to do article, I wanted to do fun things that were more unconventional than the typical movie. So, what was to come in town but Rent?

As my first Broadway musical – before many more to come I’m sure – the band, tight vocal harmonies, acting, and dancing dazzled me. It was filled with so many elements that appealed to people young and old. The next week after watching the musical, I searched for songs from it that could be played on the piano. I found two. One of the hallmark songs of this music is, of course, the Seasons of Love. The other one was the duet “Take me (Baby) or Leave Me” sung by the characters Joanne and Maureen.
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May 4th, 2007 | 2 Comments | Chords, Music

“Blessed” Rachael Lampa Piano and Guitar Chords

blessed.jpgOnce, my sister asked me, “What is your favorite song to play on the piano?” It struck me that I’ve never really thought about that! After a quick mental review of my repertoire, I decided, “Blessed, by Rachael Lampa.”

This incredible song written by Cindy Morgan and Ginny Owens (two very talented Christian song writers) was hailed one of the top songs of Christian music. Consequently, it is the one song that most people identify Rachael Lampa with.

I love the accompaniment to this piece. It has a great Gospel music-type feel to it. And it plays well on piano as an accompaniment even without all the orchestration and background vocals. Enjoy!

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June 12th, 2006 | 1 Comment | Chords, Music

“You Are So Beautiful” Joe Cocker Piano and Guitar Chords

joe_cocker.jpgSo, I was watching last Sunday’s Desperate Housewives Episode “Don’t Look at Me” (Episode 219) and saw a scene with Karl and Susan right before a Bar Mitzvah. They were listening to a band, trying to decide if the group was good for Edie’s wedding. Then, as Susan was rejecting a resilient Karl, the band started to play the classic song “You Are So Beautiful” (Made popular by Joe Cocker).

That scene inspired me to find (or make) chords to this song. I found two really promising versions by Rimsky, Darryl McMullen, or Joe Cocker and Anonymous. I’ve combined the two versions and added a little of my own flair (and countless fixes) after close listening and relistening to the episode and the original Joe Cocker recording. What’s really weird is that when I was chording this song, I recognized a marked similarity between “Find Your Wings” and “You are So Beautiful.” Does anyone else hear that? It would be interesting if Mark Harris sought inspiration from this song!

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April 24th, 2006 | 2 Comments | Chords, Music

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