My Mom’s $700 Free Money: Find Your Unclaimed Assets With a Simple Search

I have a pet peeve about Oprah and her TV show: I absolutely despise the audience! I hate it when the camera focuses on the audience drinking in every word that flows from the “big O” as absolute. “Oprah said it, so it must be true!” Right? I hate when they laugh at her jokes or tear during a tender moment. Worst of all, I cannot bear it when they stand up, applaud, get excited, nod their heads (like they know what they’re nodding about), and praise their apparent god, Oprah Winfrey!

But there is one thing I cannot deny from Oprah. She always brings something new, fresh, and useful to the table. My sister was watching Oprah’s TV show one afternoon and the episode featured a company called The guest discussed with Oprah how “THOUSANDS OF NORTH AMERICANS have UNCLAIMED CASH – and they don’t know about it!
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Save on Your Wireless Phone Bill to Free (or Nearly-free) with Dropped Call Credits


Guy: Hey baby.
Girl: Hey, what’s up?
Guy: Nothin much. Just wanted to talk to the most beautiful girl in the world, that’s all.
Girl: That’s sweet.
Guy: Its true!
Girl: Yeah, yeah.
Guy: Its just nice to know that I’m the only man in your world.
Girl (Mouthing): Of course your are!
Guy (who does not hear her): I am the only man in you world … right?
Is it Earl?
Cat got your tongue? Earl got your tongue?

Have you ever seen the above commercial from Cingular? Hopefully, you’ve never experienced major breech of miscommunication as depicted in the commercial. Cingular (at&t) boasts the most reliable wireless phone network nationwide with the fewest number of dropped calls. From anecdotes of people I know, there seems to be some truth to that claim. One colleague of mine, who lives in the outskirts of the city, even claims that he has never experienced a dropped call with Cingular … ever.
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Guide to Buying Cheap Rimless Glasses Online

Eyeglasses are one of the only “accessories” that society allows a guy to wear. I’ve always admired how they showed my intellect. Every time I see a friend with a pair of nifty glasses, I want to try them on to see how they would look on me. In the past, I’ve often wanted a fake pair. Maybe they would come in handy at a job interview to make me look smarter, more skilled, and more mature in the eyes of my potential future employer. Little did I know that I would actually need these medical devices!

Aging Eyes

It all started out when I had trouble seeing the signs on the road. At first, I thought, “DPS should make bigger signs!” Then, my sister pointed out that it was not hard at all for her to see the letters. We compared what signs we could and could not see and I realized that my years of long computer use finally caught up to me. I tried on a pair of my friend’s glasses (who had the same vision as me) and I exclaimed, “I was blind but now I see!” It was an epiphany-like experience like I was living in a whole new world.

Rim-less Eyewear

glasses_marchon.jpgRight then and there, I decided that I needed eyeglasses. But not just any glasses! No, no! Fashionable glasses! I bought framed glasses at Eyemasters … and returned them in two weeks. I wanted the rimless variety, not that cheap semi-rimless knockoff. Rimless glasses are one of the hottest styles in the market. Too bad that they are also one of the most expensive types to make. To obtain a decent pair, the optician must drill very precise holes into the lens. The lens also has to be made of polycarbonate plastic or it will very likely shatter and/or scratch. These two requirements coupled with their popularity of rimless eye wear set prices back at least $300 retail price!
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