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Save on Your Wireless Phone Bill to Free (or Nearly-free) with Dropped Call Credits


Guy: Hey baby.
Girl: Hey, what’s up?
Guy: Nothin much. Just wanted to talk to the most beautiful girl in the world, that’s all.
Girl: That’s sweet.
Guy: Its true!
Girl: Yeah, yeah.
Guy: Its just nice to know that I’m the only man in your world.
Girl (Mouthing): Of course your are!
Guy (who does not hear her): I am the only man in you world … right?
Is it Earl?
Cat got your tongue? Earl got your tongue?

Have you ever seen the above commercial from Cingular? Hopefully, you’ve never experienced major breech of miscommunication as depicted in the commercial. Cingular (at&t) boasts the most reliable wireless phone network nationwide with the fewest number of dropped calls. From anecdotes of people I know, there seems to be some truth to that claim. One colleague of mine, who lives in the outskirts of the city, even claims that he has never experienced a dropped call with Cingular … ever.
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“Take Me (Baby) or Leave Me” Jonathan Larson’s Rent Piano and Guitar Chords

takeme_rent.jpgI just lost my virginity … that is, my Broadway musical virginity. Until recently, I’ve never seen a musical in my life. In line with my things to do article, I wanted to do fun things that were more unconventional than the typical movie. So, what was to come in town but Rent?

As my first Broadway musical – before many more to come I’m sure – the band, tight vocal harmonies, acting, and dancing dazzled me. It was filled with so many elements that appealed to people young and old. The next week after watching the musical, I searched for songs from it that could be played on the piano. I found two. One of the hallmark songs of this music is, of course, the Seasons of Love. The other one was the duet “Take me (Baby) or Leave Me” sung by the characters Joanne and Maureen.
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