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Spring Morning Song Mix Playlist

spring_window.jpgAhhh!!! Spring is in the air. I have a certain mindset of the most cherished times of the day for each season.

Take for example winter evenings. We like to curl up next to the fire and drink cocoa. It’s when we decorate the tree, have holiday parties, and wrap presents.

Autumn is sort of similar as the best times are in the early evening or late afternoon. Its when we go trick-or-treating or jumping in the raked leaves.

Summer‘s time is in the afternoon when we’re at the beach, swimming, or having a picnic.

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April 12th, 2006 | No Comments | Music

“In Christ Alone” Brian Littrell Piano and Guitar Chords

welcome_home.jpgSome of you may remember in the early summer of 2005, Brian Littrell came out with a single called “In Christ Alone.” It climbed the Christian Contemporary Music Charts all the way up to number one! Now, I hear that Brian Littrell is finally releasing a full album including that top song. The album is titled “Welcome Home.” If you’ve been keeping track of the CCM Charts, you’ll also see that his title track, “Welcome Home,” is performing similarly to “In Christ Alone.” Maybe we’ll see it at number one too.

Anyway, back to “In Christ Alone,” I really loved that song (despite the fact that it was performed by a Backstreet Boy). I chorded it in the summer of 2005. It’s too bad that the song is too high or too low for me to sing no matter how much I transpose it! I hope whoever uses these chords will be able to sing it. Enjoy!

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April 11th, 2006 | 8 Comments | Chords, Music

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