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“Find Your Wings” Mark Harris Piano and Guitar Chords

My dad and I were discussing the upcoming quinceañera that our church was sponsoring for one of the girls. For those who do not know what a quinceañera is, it is a very special birthday party on a girl’s 15th year. People with Hispanic heritage often celebrate it. Since we live in San Antonio, which is mostly Mexican populated, it’s common to hear of quinceañeras. Often, these parties are as extravagant as weddings themselves! (FYI, the word ” quinceañera” is derived from “quince,” which means 15, and “año,” which means “year”).

birthday_cake.jpgMy dad was the master of ceremonies for this quinceañera and he needed some slots to fill the program, especially the music. He asked me to sing a song but I couldn’t think of anything. I only had love songs and Christian songs in my repertoire. He told me to sing anything!

Personally, I feel awkward when I perform a song that is irrelevant to the occasion. For example, if I play a special music for church, I do not want to play a love song or something classical. No, I want to play something that is Christian! Nothing I had was really appropriate for a quinceañera. To me, the song had to have a positive message about growing up since it was essentially a birthday party.

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New Blog

After much time spent designing and programming, I am releasing another blog that is going to be written by myself. It is called “hacker not cracker – computer enthusiasts and wannabes welcomed.” Basically, it is an advanced computing blog. The reason why it is called “hacker not cracker” is because I am a hacker (a computer enthusiaist), not a cracker (a “black-hat” hacker). Read more about this new blog and my explanation in the first introductory post. Like the other blogs that I started in the past, I will be moving some articles on this blog to the new hacker blog for relevance.

I hope you become a regular reader of this new blog!

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“Orphans of God” Avalon Piano and Guitar Chords

avalon_stand.jpgIn my last music chords article on “Where Joy and Sorrow Meet,” I expressed my dislike for the new Avalon album, Stand. Well, I’m trying out Rhapsody and I’ve had a change of heart. There are three most songs that I’ve come to like. I’ve chorded another one of them.

Again, since the album was just released, there are no free chords online or for-pay sheet music available. I guess, I’ll be the first one in the world to make public any type of music transcription of this song! Yay, I’m famous! 🙂 Enjoy!

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