2006 February

Introduction to the Music Category

“I’m poor.” Sadly, this is a fact of life that most college students need to eventually accept. For myself, I’m a “starving artist” with no money to buy the sheet music that I want to play. In the past, buying sheet music was the only way for me to play the songs that I really liked. Later, in the midst of middle school and high school, I discovered chords.

The Mystery of Those Who “Play by Ear”

piano-cat.jpgHave you ever wondered how people play with little or no material at all? “Playing by ear” is such a vague and elusive talent that I’m still trying to master (and discover for that matter). From my understanding, these people read chords or think of chords and then try to “make something out of it” on their instrument be it guitar, piano, etc.

On the latter, I’m very slow. It takes me about an hour to create decent (more than just your regular Tonic [C], Subdominant [F], and Dominant [G]) chords for a song when listening to a recording. But, I’m fast at reading written chords.

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Investing Tip: Buy in the Bear Market

I’ve just finished two news articles (Google: Party Over and Google misses Street targets) on digg about the Google stock. If you remember, in 2004, the Google IPO was the hottest topic covered in the news Analysts predicted that the amount and the demand would multiply the IPO price significantly on the stock’s opening date. Everybody wanted to get of hold of some of the company‚Äôs shares. The starting price on NASDAQ was $85. By the end of the day, demand was so great that the price rose to more than $100. As speculated, Google was a stellar performer it gradually rose from the IPO $85 to $432 on Tuesday, January 31, 2006! The Google stock was definitely a winner

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