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She Loves Me – Make Someone Attacted to You

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coupleLast year, I wrote an article, She Loves Me Not – Find Out if Someone is Attracted to You. The title is pretty self-explanatory. Basically, the methodology was observing the unconscious body positions of target individuals.

What about causing someone to become attracted to you? Well of course, there’s good looks, great personality, money, etc. But, I know that you were probably looking for a quick, easy, and possibly obtainable way. Well, there kind of is a way… Again, like the information in my previous article, I learned this in my General Psychology class last semester. Now, I’m not referring to these heavily advertised pheromones or love potions. Though, it is a little similar.

My psychology professor told the class that initially, his doctorate thesis (or is it dissertation?) was going to be something about how humans choose a mate. Specifically, he focused on how people unconsciously choose a mate based on imperceptible smells.

He told us that males and females are generally attracted to similar scents. Guys, girls are attracted to the smell of musk. Musk has a strong odor characteristic of the musk deer, muskrat, and musk ox. Really, the “au natural” musk it is derived from the testicles of musk deer. Yeah, I know. Nasty! Today, it is usually synthetically made because of the whole animal cruelty and rights brouhaha.

Ladies, we men apparently are attracted to vanilla. I, myself, do not like vanilla but that is what my Psychology teacher said.
Before you start applying that Vanilla extract or musk oil, read this caution first. I don’t want to offend any of my European or American readers. This is just what my professor said. For some reason, Americans are known for wearing more cologne/deodorant and taking more showers than Europeans. Consequently, their natural aromas are masked or stripped away. Therefore, it is harder for the noses of potential mates to “smell” genuine attraction.

Clear as mud? Okay. Take this example. Before a guy goes out on a date, he takes a shower, covers himself with deodorant, and bathes himself in cologne. When he picks up the girl, her nose smells the cologne, not his natural aroma since most of it is stripped off and overpowered by his artificial fragrance. Therefore, unconsciously, she gets a bad “reading” (or a smell for that matter) on whether he is a good match for her. My professor tosses up this theory that our stripped, perfume-hidden natural odors can be a contributing factor to the higher divorce rate in America than in Europe

Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t wear deodorant or cologne. By the same token, I’m not saying that smells are the reason for bad relationships. It’s just something cool to know. Maybe there is some truth…

Comment on your thoughts on this.

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Posted on Monday, January 9th, 2006

One Response to “She Loves Me – Make Someone Attacted to You”

  1. C Says:

    Wow ok im soo confused take a bath or not that is the question so is it good to wear smell-good-spray or should bathe myself in testicle deer musk? It seems like either way im screwed. Sigh… ok so if ur not supposed to resort to either extremities than what is out there to wear? Is there some sort of semi strong deodorant that you would recommend for the best “aroma” to attract the opposite sex? You know something that falls in the middle of not taking a bath+ rubbing deer testicle musk on your self and putting on an overabundance of Axe lol.

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