2005 December

Dear Santa Letters Fulfilled

Christmas time makes me want to watch movies like Miracle on 34th Street.

Warning: Spoiler Below
It is a story about an old man named Kris Kringle in New York who thinks that he is Santa Clause. He spreads lots of love and cheer until he is taken into an asylum. The only way Kringle can get out is if he disregards himself has Santa or if, in court, he proves that Santa really exists. A friend who is a lawyer represents him. Eventually, the case ends up in the Supreme Court. Because of the oddness of this trial, it gets a lot of media attention. Kringle’s chances look dim and the judge has to decide soon. The nation watches.
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Comprehensive Digital Camera Reviews

With Christmas approaching, people are franticly searching for gifts to give to their loved ones. A quick look at eBay and Amazon reveals what’s hot for the holidays. There’s no doubt that electronics are at the top of many people’s wish list. Personally, the electronic that I would like to recieve is a laptop. But…I’m sure nobody is planning to get me that. I can settle for something cheaper like a digital camera. I could really use one in my eBay business. Reguardless, it’s a pain to borrow a someone’s digital camera, use my webcam, or use my scanner to display my auction items.
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December 13th, 2005 | 1 Comment | Reviews

Christmas Music Recommendations

It’s snowing here at Southwestern Adventist University in Keene, TX. At least, I like to call it snow. My friends call is slush. But it rarely snows in Texas. So, to me, any light and clear thing that falls from the sky is snow right?

Anyway, things like snow (or slush) and this cold weather really get me into the Christmas mood. It’s the time to bring out the eggnog, apple cider, coffee, and cocoa. I just bought some ingredients today so I can warm up with my minestrone soup. Christmas music brings all of these elements of the holidays together.
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