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Black Friday Part IV: Outrage at Walmart’s Sale

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Update: Welcome to all of the users! Thanks for digging and for coming to my site.

First of all, I want to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving! Our family really does not celebrate Thanksgiving, or any holiday for that matter. Really, our highlight of the break is black Friday.

We’ve been looking for a laptop long time and the Wal-Mart HP Pavilion ze2308wm Notebook ($398) looked really attractive. My dad wanted to make sure that we would have a chance in getting this tomorrow. So, he called a number of Wal-Mart stores for some details on how the sale will work.

Even though Wal-Mart professes to be open 24 hrs/day and 7 days/week it has to make an exception. Tonight at 12am midnight, Wal-Mart will close to setup for the upcoming sale. This will give customers time to campout before the 5am opening. Most of the stores that we called confirmed this.

My dad also asked how many laptops were in stock. I was surprised that he asked that because surely they would not give that information out! Only one of the stores gave in and old us the quantity. It made my heart drop. ONLY 5 LAPTOPS WILL BE SOLD AT OUR WALMART! I thought that was insane! But, as I pondered on the idea, I realized that Wal-Mart made a smooth move on their part. That laptop is one of the top five most popular items for Black Friday. It has been getting a lot of media attention; I’ve seen too many articles that mention it. That laptop will be a magnet for shoppers on black Friday.

I’m not sure if we will pursue that deal. It may not be worth it. I’m sure all other Wal-Mart stores have near the same quantity on hand. It will be hard to compete against hundreds of early morning shoppers for just 5 notebooks.

Feel free to comment on your thoughts on this subject!

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Posted on Thursday, November 24th, 2005

8 Responses to “Black Friday Part IV: Outrage at Walmart’s Sale”

  1. Mike Says:

    Man then i’m one of the lucky sob’s who got one. I was able to get one at my local walmart in AZ after a man approached me offering to sell me his layaway ticket. See what these hustlers do is get up real early and take all the good stuff and head down to the layaway department and get claim tickets on the products. They then sell these tickets to you and me at a markup mine was $70bucks still pretty good. I’m typing on the 378 laptop 400.08 after taxes

  2. sohmageek Says:

    Well it makes me wonder…. but still I think If I show up at 3 AM to camp it might be worth it…

    Our Walmart had about 20 I stood in line for 3 hours to get one… not too bad

  3. atomictheory Says:

    A buddy and I got to my Walmart at 1am and were 10th and 11th in line. My store had 27 units. All-in-all, well well well worth sitting for 4 hours listening to This Week in Tech.

    Great laptop !

  4. shannara Says:

    the walmart i went to had 100 laptops and we got there around 4 and still both me and my father both got one it was great to get one for that price

  5. Sandy Says:

    Hello to fellow wal-marters.

    I too made the phone calls the day before the sale. My husband and I are truckers, so I was able to plan my attack for a laptop. After calling several stores along our route, I settled for the walmart at Grants, N.M. They had only 8 laptops in stock, but the towns population is small. We steered the semi into the parking lot at 3:30 a.m. A cold front had moved in and the outside temp was 21 degrees. I bundled up in every warm piece of clothing I could find and hurried to the line which was 10 deep. I was thinking ok, 8 laptops and I am tenth in line…odds are looking pretty good here.

    As the clock ticked to 4:30 the line was clear to the end of the parking lot. A man and woman in front of me had been making phone calls and of coarse all their sleepy headed friends showed up 15 minutes before the door opened. Yes, you guessed it….now I was # 19 in line. Now normaly I would have caused a rukus and insisted their frineds go to the back of the line. But with me being out of my element, I decided it best to beat them a different way.

    The gossip in the line was….this walmart had scattered the bargains thru-out the store. So, findng the laptops first was going to be a stroke of luck. I figured they were sure to keep the computers close to the electronics department so they could keep an eye on them. So my plan was to head straight for electronics…it would be my only chance.

    This walmart has only one set of entrance doors, so when it opened we were like a heard of buffalo. Everyone was nice…no pushing, no shoving. I had decided I would not bother with a shopping cart…it would slow me down too much. My plan was to grab everything I wanted, and drag it to the front if need be…LOL . As soon as my feet hit the tiled floor, I was off like a streak of lightning…Considering I am short and pretty much round, I was amazed how quickly I reached the back corner to electronics. I did a quick scan and no computers. I thought, ah geez. I happened to glance to my right side and low and behold I was standing right next to the laptops. I had made it…I was the first to reach them. I grabbed one and held on tight. It didn’t occur to me at the time, but I could have had all 8 if I had wanted them…this walmart did not have a limit on any of the sale items. Later I found out my sister who lives in Missouri was not able to get one, so I wished I had grabbed at least two.

    I wandered around the store and found the portable dvd players and carrying cases for all the grandkids, the gameboy for my husband, the flat panel tv for the truck, and so on. My only thought was….next time I’m taking a huge plastic bag with me because trying to getn all that stuff to the checkout was a chore in itself.

  6. Kim Says:

    My niece told me on Thanksgiving she was going to buy two for her college age girls. She lives in Los Angeles, I told her good luck.
    Trying to be of help, my Mother and I tried to get them here in Oklhoma, we would put them on lay away and she would finish paying for them.
    Needless to say living in Los Angeles, the odds were against her.
    Here in Oklahoma, 2am we went to a 24hrs walmart and they had people in line with vouchers that guaranteed them a laptop. So we drove 10 miles to a little town with an older Walmart. We waited in freezing temps for just a couple of hours and luckily got two.
    My nieces were totally surprised on Christmas, the first time in years. They usually know everything they are getting.
    They love their laptops and they come in very handy for school.

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